Thursday 25 October 2012

By Royale Appointment

Another guest post this week from Nathan Jenner, giving you the up to date information on withdrawals and allocation changes! My sincere thanks go to him for producing this post.

It started Monday morning when I received a text saying 30792 would be withdrawn that evening but despite 2 hours in the cold bus station I couldn’t find it. This is the first Royale to be withdrawn due to the influx of newer B7TL ALX400 and B7RLE Eclipses; at first only the Darts were to be withdrawn but then the news that 30792 R612JUB 30788 R608 JUB and 34045 P245 UCW (palatine 2) with 30792 being the first on the Monday 30788 on Friday and 34045 today but out of the 8 ALX400’s we have, only 3 are on the road. So Monday night 30792 was withdrawn destination removed and ticket machine taken out, but the shock come Tuesday when 30792 was in fact reinstated and the withdrawal of 30788 34045 was suspended until the newer B7TL had all been fixed. 

So myself and James went out to picture the Royales and the elusive 34045 and what a day it was, involving myself falling on some wet leaves but still got my picture. We started the day on 30809 going to Sowerby Bridge then picturing 30844 T664 VWU then 34045 come storming up the hill so we pictured it and moved further up the hill to picture 30844 on its return. We then got 30792 to Commons and returned to Halifax, then went on to Leeds to see the new Gemini 2s. I have included some pictures of the day for you to see. The good news is 30792 30788 34045 have got a longer lease of life but for how long?

Another part for this week’s blog is the transfer of Route 576 from Halifax to Bradford depot with buses 32528-32538 going to Bradford depot to run the route. The first 2 buses transfered on 23/10/2012, 32530 and 32535 and further 2 buses per night. I went out and pictured 30842; 30842 was new to Halifax for the 576 route branded up for the 576 30840-30845, so this Sunday with the 576 transferring to Bradford.  Bradford are losing the 72 to Bramley and FTR’s been used with the slogan “Hyperink”.

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