Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lemons from Leeds

Well, that's one way to describe them! As with any smaller and more insignificant depots, Huddersfield is a place for castoffs, and the latest batch of misery to be dumped in Huddersfield is some of the YJ51 Rxx batch of Volvo B7TLs. Having already experienced various W reg examples already based in Huddersfield, I wasn't filled with hope when YJ51 RRZ pulled up at the stand on their first morning of operation, and indeed, my expectations were met, if not surpassed, they're awful! Horrible droning sounds coming from an under powered engine, rock hard seats, and rattles galore; give me an Olympian any day! Unfortunately though, Olympians will soon be becoming even more few and far between, as more B7TLs arrive, which have been displaced by various Ex First Games Transport Enviro 400s and B9TLs. The B7s have really appear to struggle with the heavy loads carried on my 'regular' route, the 398/9 to Storthes Hall, i.e. the infamous University run! The speed at which they climb hills is slow enough to put a snail to shame. With the Olympians, its quite a different story, although, they are prone to some overheating, despite getting there much quicker! 


  1. Blimey, moaning at 51 reg buses being dumped on you - you've clearly been away too long! could be another 9 years before they are old enough to come down to Devon & Cornwall!

  2. HAHA!! Well the same could surely be said about Plymouth, the 51 reg Darts from London are being endlessly complained about! Quite honestly I hope Devon and Cornwall never have to put up with the misery of these things, they're awful buses! The W reg B7s here are very similar to Plymouth's W reg B6s, awful seats, and an extremely underpowered engine pushing them along. I'm not happy about missing out on all these lovely Leylands that have just been transferred to Plymouth either :-(